Crying for you with love, Beijing

Beijing, die Skala auf der Pollution-App zeigt unglaubliche 600, das ist das Ende der Skala: Alarmstufe: hazardous.

imagesSeit Tagen umfängt die stadt eine orange-schwarze Nacht, Schulen und Kindergärten bleiben geschlossen. Jemand aus Beijing schreibt ich könnte heulen, aber ich fühle nichts.

Crying for you with love, Beijing

beijing, I’d like to cry for you
if I could

beijing – I love to stroll
through the colors of your heart
watching people dancing
and singing in the park

beijing – I enjoy to stray
from the well known track
getting lost softly crazy like
in the jungle of a brain attack

beijing – I enjoy to taste
the wisdom of your silent gardens
thrown out of all bitter battling
and embarrassing fighting

beijing – I like to experience
the complex sensations of your soul
discovering that wide variety
of smile and anger, rage and empathy

beijing – I like to discover
your millennia-long passion for harmony
holding in esteem your desire for a peaceful
living together in a careful way

but even more I have to admire
your deep knowledge of polarity
which reminds us that real harmony
results from an open and free space
of dealing with conflicts in a proper way
and going through an independent justice
day by day

beijing – why do you shroud your body
with an orange-black toxic winding sheet
don’t you know that people want to meet
the worlds future and hope at your beat

beijing – take my tears
of deep respect and be sure
tian’anmen will never forget
your thrashed but big-hearted soul

beijing – I cry for you with love

(Jan Bleckwedel, Dezember 2015)






Über Felix Bird

Mehr über den Autor oben auf der Website: Felix Bird – Experiment November Journal, ein Selbstversuch
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